My Barbeque Story

by Sam
(New Hampshire)

I was moving to a different State after living my whole life in Atlanta, Georgia. On my last weekend, I decided to throw a BBQ dinner for my few friends who were very close to me. It was hard for me to move as I had lived in the same place all my life. I grew up here and everything I cherished or loved, belonged to this city.

The job offer I had received a month ago was so tempting I took it up. They gave me ten days to move and everything just happened pretty fast after that.

Anyway, I invited my friends to a home cooked BBQ meal as I was known as the 'chef' in my group of friends and even family. I loved to cook and had tons of cookery books strewn all over my place. Naturally, my favorite channel was 'BBC Food'.

I went to the meat shop and got undercut beef steaks, miniature lamb chops, minced meat for burger patties and a large variety of assorted vegetables like broccoli, baby potatoes, sprouts, spring onion, parsley, carrots and so on.

I set up the BBQ pit outside on my patio and made a sort of bar on the side. The time for arrival was six. By half past six, all ten friends had arrived. From then it was party time. All of us are card freaks and so I had bought two new packs for the occasion.

Appetizers for munching included chips and dips, celery sticks and hummus. We all played about four games of poker after which I got up to start cooking and they continued playing. The tantalizing smell of chops and steaks spread everywhere and polished everyone's appetite even more. Once my steaks were half cooked, I prepared my side orders of veggies. After that, it was just open house.

The combination of good food, drinks, music and friends is simply unbeatable! I ate while cooking and was just happy that all the food turned out just right. Nothing was burnt, undercooked or bland.

After we had all stuffed ourselves to the max, we went back to playing cards and had two three serious rounds of poker. The evening ended a little after midnight. They all helped me clear up the mess. Thank fully there wasn't much dish washing as I had been sensible to use disposable plates, glasses and cutlery. It saved me the hassle and time.

Even when we meet up now, we fondly remember that night when all of us had a great time together and the barbeque was sizzling!

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