How to Barbeque

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To some people, barbeque is an art. Just like traditional cooking, you should have the right temperature to grill the best barbeque. Timing is also the key to perfect barbecuing. You should know when to remove them from fire. Barbeques are not only great tasting and mouth watering; they are also healthy for your body.

You do not have to use oil, so you can cut down on fat. If you really want to create a healthy meal for your entire family, make sure that you trim your meat off fats. Cut off extra bones, fats and gristle right before grilling.

To start with barbequing, you should have your meat or food prepared the night before you grill them. Let your meat, chicken, or any food that you will grill stay overnight in your marinade. The marinade is a big part of your barbeque success so make sure that it has the right amount of flavor that would get your family and guests begging for more barbeques.

If you are ready to fire up your grill, here are quick tips that you should have in mind. Food placement If you are grilling a variety of foods, make sure that you place the food that cooks the longest on the spot where fire is the hottest. Thin cut foods can be place where the fire is weak as it would be cooked fast. Larger chunks of meat should be placed where the fire is strongest.

After cooking, you might want to put large meats on the fire right after it has cooled down just to make sure that you have the inside meat cooked, you don't want your barbeque to be raw on the inside. Have a cool spot Do not fill your entire grill or barbecue pit with charcoal. You would want to have a cool spot where you can place the foods when the grill gets too hot or when you want to warm up your meat. You can have a cool spot at either end of your grill or barbeque pit. Along with this tip, make sure that you also have an empty spot

where you can place your food when the charcoal flares up. Watch what you're cooking There is a possibility for your food to flare up so make sure that you are there to tame down the fire if need be. Some of the foods that do flare up are sausages, burgers, chicken and other smaller foods that cook easily. Make sure that you stand close by and keep an eye on your barbeque. Have a handy spray bottle loaded with water if fire flare ups.

Barbeque marks Food burns are not barbeque marks. Don't over grill your foods in hope to achieve barbeque "marks". Grill marks are actually brown or dark brown and not black marks which are actually burnt marks. You can have a criss-cross effect, which are perfect for barbequed burgers, by turning the meat in a 90 degree angle when your barbeque is just about 50% cooked.

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