How to Barbeque Chicken

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Barbequing is indeed a great activity especially if you are out on camping or you just want to have fun outdoors. You may have your own perfect recipe on how to barbeque chicken but there are also others who make theirs a secret.

Coming up with a perfect barbeque may be learned from years of perfecting that great taste and of course, some experimentation on the sauce, the right amount of heat, and the many herbs and spices that make the chicken tastier.

Probably the simplest thing you might imagine in learning how to barbeque chicken is to put them directly on the grill after being soaked in marinade for a few hours or overnight. After removing the skin, you can then go ahead with the barbequing, occasionally turning the meat to allow both sides to cook well.

One thing important to consider in learning how to barbeque chicken is to make sure you will not end up eating something that is not properly cooked, as bacteria on food specially E. coli and Salmonella can still be present on raw meat. You also have to be careful not to char the chicken meat. Of course, you would not want to eat something that is bitter - and considering also the health risk of charred meat.

When putting the chicken directly on the grill, the fats from the meat may cause fire to flare up, thus, it is wise to be ready with water in a spray bottle to put out the flame. This is important as flames can burn your meat in the outside. Take note that you can end up with a barbeque that is burnt outside but not cooked inside, and for sure, you would not want that.

You can then brush the meat with your sauce and spices at 10 to 15 minutes before getting it out of the grill.

If you don't want to end up having an uncooked chicken meat on the inside, you can also try boiling the chicken first before putting them on the grill. This way, you will be assured that you have a cooked chicken meat and you are free from bacteria on raw meat. However, the boiling may also take away the flavors of the chicken, thus it may taste a little different than the one directly placed on the grill.

You just have to boil the chicken until it is cooked, and then drain it properly before putting into the grill. The grilling time is also shorter in this case. You just have to baste it with the sauce and let the sauce stick to the meat. Ten minutes of grilling will be perfectly fine.

The secrets of learning how to barbeque chicken depends also on the sauce and marinades you are using. You may have ready-made marinades and sauces, or you can also find your own herbs and spices that will make your chicken barbeque taste perfect. Sometimes the perfect barbeque is just all about the sauce and the spices. You can then add salads or potato for your side dish.

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