Why I am with Sisel International

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of public opinion regarding Sisel and it’s founder and his previous company and I can understand, totally, some of the feeling that’s out there.

Can Tom Mower be trusted again? Will he sell Sisel like his previous company? Will the products be as good? What about the compensation plan? What about assets and debt?

It’s extremely difficult to determine which press is true and which is fabricated and propaganda. So let me try to dispel some of the concerns that are out there through my direct knowledge of what is happening with Sisel.

Can Tom Mower be trusted? I believe so. Tom’s vision and the Mower Mission is more powerful today than it was almost two decades ago. His passion for bringing the best and safest products to market is incomparable to anyone else on the planet.

Tax evasion? There is so much written about this now it is hard to know where the truth is. My bottom line is, although tax evasion is technically a criminal offence, he hasn’t actually murdered anyone, abused anyone, and has repaid his debt appropriated by the court including repaying any amounts of tax deemed owing. As in all corporate dealings, you trust the people who work for you, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with you, the head honcho. That’s just how it is.

Will he sell Sisel? Unlikely but never say never. Tom Mower has learned from building his previous company and wants to build something that has ironed out all the problems associated with that endeavour. He wants to expand the range of products available including improved nutritionals and better cosmetic and personal care products. Everything can be improved and Tom is not one for sitting still.

Sometimes you out grow your house and you need to move on. Having lived in a house for so many years, you really know what you want and you can build it from scratch. You spend years drawing up plans, re-arranging rooms, working out access to all areas. This is what Tom Mower has done with Sisel.

The products will not be as good as his previous ones in the market place. Tom has learned from his previous products and knows what works, what doesn’t and what the consumer really needs and wants. Sisel’s products are better formulated, better sourced, and manufactured in a brand new purpose built facility. They will be better than anything seen to date.

Tom Mower has always been passionate about not having debt and owning everything outright. This is the case with Sisel. Tom used the proceeds from the sale of his previous company (or house) to build manufacturing and administration facilities in Utah. They are bigger and better than before with a view to the future.

Finally Tom Mower knows that without his distributors he just has a nice shiny building making lots of products going nowhere. He knows the value of his team, which is rare in the corporate world. As such, he has ironed out the compensation plan to create a system that can reward a distributor five times on the one sale. It’s seamless meaning you can sponsor anyone, anywhere in the world. You are paid up to seven levels down. You can structure your downline to suit your needs. You qualify for bonuses with minimal purchase. Take a closer look at the compensation plan here Five Star Compensation and you will soon see what I mean.

Does Sisel promise to deliver? Yes it will deliver great product and great compensation. However you will only benefit from it relative to the amount of effort you put in. Direct sales, network marketing, multi level marketing, affiliate marketing, whatever you want to call it, starts with you. Your passion, your desire and your vision.

How many times have you come across a network marketing or MLM opportunity only to wish you’d found it three or four years, ten years before? I read a comment the other day that professional network marketers never join a company that is under ten years old. Why is that? Why wait for what could be when you can make it turn into what will be? It is only a small investment to join up, $US10.00

Sisel is offering you an opportunity to take your passion and vision and apply it to something that will leave a legacy to your family, yourself and to the earth itself. Consuming with the least amount of harm to the planet while gaining the most amount of benefit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point.

I’ve done all I can to dispel any reservations you may have. If you have any others that I have not covered, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can talk about it.

I want to see you all succeed as I know I will with Sisel International. Who else but Tom Mower has the courage to build a second multi-million dollar company which is true to his original mission? I don’t see anyone else stepping forward.

Come stand beside us.

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