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Hello Sizzlers and those interested in keeping up to date.

May has been a very busy month for Sisel International as they strive to get all the paperwork done to approve products in countries all over the world.

Australia is a priority for Sisel and they are working very hard on the final pieces of legislation to have products approved here.

Once this is complete, a distribution centre and corporate presence will be set up here which is great for all of us here.

The distributor kits were delayed due to the finalisation of product approval. Once this has been given, the kits will be finalised and released. Sisel International didn't want to release them and have to re-do them - just another way they strive for excellence and efficiency so hopefully you can all remain patient.

Sizzle the World has grown in numbers and continues to have new distributors added every week so I am striving to add new information to the site daily and keep you all up to date with relevant news and events.

One element is the ability to have your own website or not. This is something that each distributor needs to decide but I would encourage you taking a read of the Personal Website page at Sizzle the World and consider whether this step is really necessary for you.

I have added some information articles on particular ingredients of the products to the site and have a few more to go up by the end of today.

Dr Allen Naylor is the Full Time Company Medical Officer, having practised for many years in family and emergency practice. He is passionate about health prevention rather than treating illness and is a great addition to the Sisel Family. He has provided us with so much information regarding products and their efficacy that it really needs separate consideration in its own articles. So look for these to be added to the website very soon.

In the meantime if you have any questions regarding efficacy or ingredients of the products you are more than welcome to email Dr Naylor directly at He is happy to answer any questions you may have.

The compensation plan is now finalised and a real world example will be placed on the site so prospects can see what their potential income will be. Hopefully this will be a great tool for all distributors to utilise.

Thanks for keeping up to date with Sizzle The World and hope those that are still considering this opportunity will take heed of the anecdotal evidence coming from overseas and see the potential for a great business opportunity.

Thank You

I'd like again, to say thank you to everyone in my team and my upline in the US for giving such great support and communication.

Everytime I talk to one of my downline members I feel blessed that we are all dedicated to the Mower Mission and Safe Products and increased health.

Thank you everyone and let me know if there is anything you need and I'll do my best to ensure I can do it or get it for you.


Two new products will be released in the next two weeks and we have all been told to keep an eye on the main website for announcements. As soon as I know, I'm telling don't worry. Hopefully it's all what we've been waiting for (drum roll) PERSONAL CARE. No-one will confirm or deny this.

Australia really is well positioned to take great advantage of the Sisel opportunity and I wish all those already participating and those that are still interested in keeping up to date, great wealth and happiness, a great network of people, but above all integrity in all that we do.

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