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Hello Sizzlers and those interested in keeping up to date.

Well it has been a long time since you've heard from me, and those of you who were disappointed I share your pain.

HOWEVER, I have news.

Jef Welch who is the founding distributor and my upline removed by one level only, had some exciting news to share with me.

Some products have been approved for Australia and they are hoping to have these available for distribution by February or March 2009. They are also hoping that by this time, the rest of the product line will have been approved.

Sisel has been caught up in litigation by Neways in Japan but as of August 5th 2008 were successful against Neways and all Japanese distributors are now free to recruit.

This is a great precedent as each of Neways attempts at litigation have been defeated.

I believe in Sisel and the opportunity that it presents us all at this very moment.

I hope you will all stay in touch and as updates come to hand I will pass them onto you all.

I would suggest that anyone who has not actually signed up with Sisel International do so now to ensure that their place in the organisation is secure.

To do so go to:

Sisel International

Go to Opportunity Tab and then Become a Distributor.

Download and fill in the application form and make sure you put my distributor number in as the person who invited you. You won't be able to sign up without it.

My distributor number is AUS5274607

I've also put a link below to the application form. Once Sisel issue your own distributor number, you are then free to start recruiting your own downlines.

Hang in their sizzlers, it's going to be a hot ride.

Sizzle on

Kath AUS5274607

Siel Application Form

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