Start Your Run Now - This is NOT a drill.

Hi Everyone,

I've just hung up from the conference call with Jef Welch, Number One Distributor in Sisel and my upline.

It has been CONFIRMED

Product will be in Australia no later than Feb/March 2009. Realistically it will be earlier but Sisel do not want to disappoint again.

USSR has opened and has a distribution centre in Slovakia there are already 50,000 distributors there.

Now is the time to ACT.

Australian and regional leaders will be invited onto a conference call within two weeks with Jef Welch and Tom Mower SENIOR to undertake training and product information and to receive further information about Australia.

You must be signed up to participate in this conference call and the team conference calls that will follow on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

"We have an unfair advantage" and it is now up to you whether you take advantage of it and to ride the Sisel Wave or not.

I will review all responses to this email and will be cutting down my list to only concentrate on those that are in my team and signed up because I am about to become a very busy beaver indeed.

It is up to me to organise the scheduling for the conference calls for Australia and Tom Mower Senior so if you are serious, sign up now and start recruiting your team and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Sizzle On

Kathy Hassed Distributor Number AUS5274607

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